Yachting Preference Sheet

You have always wanted to live like royalty, and this is your chance to be treated like it.

If you wondered why some people always get what they want, then this is your answer.

They ask for what they want and are strikingly specific with their requests.

Whey you are planning your yachting vacation, you need to communicate with your broker, captain, chef, crew, family, and other travel partners.

That is a lot of people, and many chances for the communication circle to break down.

The solution for the planning uncertainty is to use and well document your yacht preference sheet.

This allows you to pinpoint exactly what you want in your vacation, and more importantly what you want to avoid.

In order to optimize your charter experience and truly make it your best vacation ever, we need to know the complete and very detailed provisioning preferences for you, your family and guests.

The guide we have created provides an example of the type of information that will facilitate your crewed Mediterranean charter.

Please remember that the preferences need to cover all members of the group that will be travelling. Filling out this form correctly and accurately so that it covers all members of the charter party will ensure that everyone’s tastes are accounted for. This is the key to your unforgettable charter vacation!

You can then take this “preference sheet” to your yacht broker before booking to make sure that all the bases are covered. When you do do this they will be incredibly impressed, and will happily answer questions for you as they know you are serious and knowledgable.

The key to a great trip is planning, and the sooner you begin planning the better.  Even if you don’t currently have a yachting trip booked, you should download this preference sheet now to start organizing the trip now.

The worst part of an exotic vacation can be the uncertainty, and this virtually removes any uncertainty from your trip, and lets you organize your yachting vacation with confidence that it will be exactly what you want.

Download the form now and start customizing your yachting experience.

You are one click away from having a royally great time!

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