Bodrum & Marmaris – Charter a Turkish Gulet

Turkey’s Aegean Coast, just East of and opposite the Greek Dodecanese Islands, is definitely Turkey’s Riviera. This part of Turkey encompasses some of the finest sailing and cruising locations for your holiday or vacation in the Mediterranean – and at a much lower cost too…!! The people in Turkey are warm and friendly -. Turkish people smile a lot; their aim is to please the visitor. They want YOU to visit their beautiful country and sail their unique waters. It is well protected from the summer Meltemi winds due to the high mountains. Turkey’s Aegean coast with Marmaris, Bodrum, Gokova, Gocek and Antalya provides a superlative yachting experience.

The Weather is beautiful with the best times to visit being before July and August and September when you get the European families on vacation. Not to mention that July and August are very very hot. June is a great month to go and so is September and October when the water is still warm enough for swimming. Check out our Turkish Gulet.

The Food is Wonderful. You can get everything from Burger King, Pizza Hut to English Eggs and Bacon Breakfasts, not to mention the wonderful Turkish food which is a unique blend of Greek and Middle-Eastern cuisines. All over the Mediterranean you will find fresh produce that is picked from the soil, cleaned and cooked (where necessary) and served at the table. The taste is so unbelievable. Fresh fish is in abundance.

For Sailors and Power Boaters the perfect Mediterranean place to be is the Turkish Coast with its beautiful and unspoiled coast lines. The water is calm and protected and you never have to worry about the famous Melteme Winds that blow through some of the Greek Islands. Here you are protected by the mountains.

All along the Coast there are wonderful places to visit such as Marmaris; Gocek; Bodrum and Gokova to name but a few. One of our favorite places is Gokova which has changed very little over the last 20 years. Development is controlled by the Government to prevent pollution of the pristine waters.

For those travelers who would prefer not to fly into Turkey you can fly into Rhodes or Samos(Greek Islands) and have your charter yacht pick you up there. It is a short trip from Rhodes to Marmaris and clearing customs is quick and easy – painless in fact. For those that do fly into Turkey the closest airport to the yachts will be at Bodrum airport or Dalaman. Dalaman airport is not more than 75 minutes away from any of the marinas. A very nice and friendly airport to fly into.

The cost to charter a crewed yacht is significantly lower than in Greece. The most comfortable way to cruise the Turkish Coast is on a Gulet. leaving you more money to spend on your vacation. Added to that the dollar is worth more in Turkey than in Greece and other Mediterranean countries. Simply put, you get more bang for the buck and that is always worth considering, without skimping on quality and service.

Children of all ages are welcome on most Turkish Charter Yachts.

Turkey offers much more than beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and sandy coves. It is a Country rich in history and has many archeolgical and historic sites to explore. It is a land that is a mix of cosmopolitan Europe with its sidewalk cafes and the exoctic East with its bazzars and backstreets. East definately meets West here.

You will never be bored. Your ports of call can vary from sleepy villages to bustling harbours and from deserted coves to large sandy bays with amazing backdrops. No two days will be the same – unless you choose them to be. Call us or email us for more info.

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