Bodrum Charter Cruises

Bodrum is Turkey’s gateway to yacht and gulet charter cruises along the Turkish “Riviera” and is a unique city. Various races with differing cultures, religions and languages have lived here, often together, since time immemorial. The inclination to ‘live and let live’ has evolved into strong attitudes of tolerance, broad-mindedness and warm hospitality by now bred into the people of Bodrum.

Bodrum or ancient Halicarnassus is situated on a peninsula facing the Greek island of Kos, and is the hometown of Herodotus, known to some as the “Father of History” but to other as the “Father of Lies” because of his fanciful travel accounts. Bodrum itself is a good starting point for your gulet of yacht charter cruise along the Turkish coast. The city and it’s environs offers a panorama of mythology and history, and spectacular scenery outlined by sandy beaches, rocky coves and inlets resembling small fjords.

This is an excellent place to start your Turkish Aegean coast yacht charter and your itinerary can include Ephesus, Gokova and all the small towns and villages in-between.

There is an excellent airport close to Bodrum that can be accessed from Istanbul.

Contact us to discuss booking or chartering a yacht or Gulet for your Bodrum – Gokova yacht cruise. We have an incredible selection of yachts and gulets to choose from. We are only a call or an email away. Take advantage of our local knowledge of the area and the vessels.

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