Yacht Charter Itineraries in Turkey

There are are endless options but we will simply suggest some excellent alternatives based on our knowledge and experience of the Area.

The Weather is beautiful with the best times to visit being before July and August and September when you get the European families on vacation. Not to mention that July and August are very very hot. June is a great month to go and so is September and October when the water is still warm enough for swimming.


You can travel via the Istanbul, Turkey route, then take a domestic flight from Istanbul to Bodrum airport or to Dalaman airport. Either are good options. Use Bodrum airport if your charter is starting from that location or from Marmaris, OR fly into Dalaman if you are starting your trip in Gocek. You can use Dalaman for pick-ups in Marmaris as well.

You can start your trip from the Greek Dodecanese islands as well. Samos is a good pick-up location and you can travel South on your yacht with the wind behind you. This is the preferable situation. You can also fly into Rhodes (Rodos) and take the ferry to Marmaris for a pick-up there OR have the yacht pick you up in Rhodes although this may turn out to be more expensive due to the Rhodes port and marina fees.


All along the Coast there are wonderful places to visit such as Bodrum, Gokova, Marmaris, Gocek and Antalya; to name but a few. One of our favorite places is Gokova which has changed very little over the last 20 years. Development is controlled by the Government to prevent pollution of the pristine waters.

Bodrum to Marmaris

Fly into Istanbul, then take a domestic flight to Bodrum from Istanbul and board your yacht in Bodrum, Turkey.

From Bodrum, travel East into the Gulf of Gokova.
Day Two: visit village of Oren and archeological sites.
Day Three: Continue East into the Gulf and stop off at Gokova itself.
Day Four: West out of the Gulf of Gokova, stop off on the Greek islands of Kos or Kalymnos.
Day Five: travel SW to the Greek island of Simi
Day Six: Back into Turkish waters, visit the villages of Bozburun and Fenaket
Day Seven: East to Marmaris for disembarkation.

Marmaris to Gocek or Fethiye

Day One: Kick around the bay of Marmaris for the first half day and relax and recover from our airline adventure.
Day Two: Fenaket
Day Three: Caunus
Day Four: Guvez
Day Five: Kapcargin
Day Six: Gocek
Day Seven: Fethiye

Samos to Rhodes (Greek Dodecanese Island Itinerary)

Fly into Samos from Athens and board your yacht in Samos, Greece.

Day One: Kick around Samos for the first half day and relax and recover from your airline adventure.
Day Two: Patmos
Day Three: Leros or Kalymnos
Day Four: Kos
Day Five: Nissiros
Day Six: Simi
Day Seven: Rhodes (Rodos)

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