Luxuryachtvacation.com is owned and operated by Luxury Yacht Vacations, Ltd, that is registered in the British Virgin Islands. We are members of major broker and yacht owners associations and have impeccable references. We can provide these references upon request.
No, our services are free. Our advice is free and pretty accurate most of the time. We want you back as a client…!!
Clearly we are not infallible, but, as brokers, we are working for YOU and not for the yacht-owners or management companies. We try to match each of our client’s requirements and criteria with the various yachts that meet these criteria. In most cases, we have been on the yachts and know their crews and also have access to references and testimonials from prior customers. We are therefore in a good position to make recommendations to you based on this information.
We have access to the major industry-wide databases and also access each individual clearing house and management company’s inventories. There are more than 1000 vessels that can be accessed from this website.
This is an industry that uses wire transfer of funds as the primary method of payment. Due to the large amount of money that changes hands each day for luxury yacht charters, we try to avoid putting up prices in order to cover credit card charges. Having said that, we do accept selected cards for use in booking the smaller and medium sized yachts. Bareboat charters can be paid for with a credit card.
Our other websites www.boatbvi.com and www.boatmiami.com cater to Caribbean, Bahamas and Florida destinations. We also have databases of excellent yachts in the South Pacific, Alaska and exotic Indian Ocean islands like the Galapagos, Seychelles and the Maldives.

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