How Safe is it to Cruise the Mediterranean Sea?

How Safe is it to Cruise the Mediterranean Sea?

The theme of this blog may seem quite laughable to many Europeans. Nevertheless, we do get a lot of questions from our American clients about safety while cruising the beautiful Mediterranean.

From “pirates” in general, to refugee boats in Italy, to general tensions in the Middle-East, to political unrest in Turkey, to “riots” in Greece, you name it, we have probably been asked about it.

We would like to put the safety issue to rest once and for all – there are no personal safety issues that would prevent anyone from booking a private yacht charter in any of the popular cruising destinations in the Mediterranean at this time.

If this were to change for any reason, we would certainly not book your charter anywhere near those areas
Furthermore, we would certainly be one of the first to know about any incidents, since as booking agents, it’s our job to know and understand all aspects of the areas where our clients book their charters.

Furthermore, the captain of your charter yacht is also well equipped to advise you about possible problems during your itinerary.

So, for the 2018 season, let us give some stars to rate the most popular destinations: no let’s not, because they would all get 5 stars. Here are some CAVEATS however.

Stay clear of the North African Coast, there are refugee boats that may oblige your yacht to change course and delay your

Stay clear of the far Eastern areas of Syria, Israel, Gaza, and Egypt. Libya is a no-no.



Turkey gets 4 stars this year instead of the usual 5. This is due to the ups and downs of Turkish politics.

Everywhere else, including Spain, The French Riviera, Corsica and Sardinia, the Italian Riviera, The Amalfi, Sicily, Croatia, Montenegro and Greece get the usual 5 stars. No safety issues, everyone is open for business as usual.
Have a great charter, and DON’T forget to book it with us here.

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